Passive fire protection is used more and more often in the construction industry and in a far more areas. This is a highly reliable and invisible method of protection against the effects of fire. What is valued - the effectiveness of fire protection, cost saving and last but not least – people’s safety. This type of fire protection is often underestimated in many ongoing construction projects around the world.

Recognizing the need of improving knowledge among investors, designers and installers, we have developed a special training program focused on existing infrastructure adjustment and installation methods of the most efficient products in places requiring protection against fire and smoke.
We offer full support of our technical department during the implementation of any construction project.


Intuseal’s technical experts provide reliable knowledge of correct installation methods in order to secure installation penetrations and to minimize the risk of flames and smoke entering the fire to the separated parts of building.


The trainings are dedicated to all customers who intend to deliver the fire protection services. We cooperate with training companies in many locations around the world to provide you the best access to knowledge.


Advantages of completing the course:
Know-how on working with Intuseal products in the area of installation’s penetrations, linear joint etc. :

    Combustible and non-combustible pipes
    Electrical cables
    Ventilation ducts
    Linear joints, expansion joints

Excellent knowledge of the product and its application.
Up-to-date knowledge in accordance with the latest fire regulations.
Specialistic consulting in the field of security. Certainty of coworking with team well oriented in latest fire regulations.
The entire training program is free of charge as well as training materials received from Intuseal. After completing the training, participants gain the knowledge necessary for the installation of a given type of security system and are prepared for emergency events . The knowledge and experience will guarantee a sense of security for users of protected objects.

The confirmation of completing the course is a certificate.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

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